The final results of the 2020 Sanrio character awards have been announced! Yoshikitty, the amalgamation of all things cute and cool, secured sixth place in the overall rankings with 675,706 votes! Overseas the character ranked first in France, Germany, and Brazil while ranking second in China. Impressive!

Yoshiki had these humble words to say after seeing where his character ranked:

Thanks to everyone who voted for Yoshikitty. I’m so happy to see the support from fans not just in Japan but also from around the world. Maybe I’ll compose a theme song for Yoshikitty to say ‘thank you’ for all the support. Not only that, but I would also like to continue delivering wonderful music so that I can give back to everyone as much as possible.

Yoshikitty may not have won first, second, or third place this year, but she didn’t walk away empty-handed! The character was presented with the special “Tanita Reward”. This award was given to the character due to the fact that the pedometer featuring her design sold out before any other character during a pre-sale, with purchases counting towards votes. For this reason, Tanita—a world leader in precision electronic scales—will produce digital health meters featuring Yoshikitty. These scales are made to order, so if you want a cute motivator to monitor your health reserve yours by July 31!

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