Yesterday marked a milestone for the hundred old year luxury brand, Gucci, who debuted the Off The Grid clothing line with their first-ever Japanese model in their advertisement. For this collection, Miyavi stood alongside American actress Jane Fonda, British adventurer David Mayer de Rothschild, American rapper Lil Nas X, and American singer King Princess in the treehouse themed campaign. Take a look at the commercial below.

Designed by Alessandro Michele, Off The Grid is Gucci’s first sustainable line that uses recycled, organic, bio-based and sustainably sourced materials. For those who already know of MIYAVI’s work as a goodwill ambassador, it seems obvious that promoting responsible and sustainable clothing is part of his mission.

Corona, racism, refugee problem… now I feel like I’m coming to the phase of thinking about “how to connect with people and people” and “how to deal with the earth” again.

This time, I am honored to be able to do it with Gucci people who are trying to turn into the problems of the world.

In January, I was able to attend the show in Italy, and the CEO, Marco, and the director of Chestnut Director, Alessandro, resonate with the attitude of the world through chestnut, and the strong thoughts of it.

I feel that the collection created by sustainable raw materials such as playback nylon and bio-base is a very meaningful thing for the upcoming fashion.

As a musician, as a subject, I would like to be able to do the best and serve as a humanitarian support activist.


The pre-Fall 2020 collection will be released on June 30 and includes backpacks, pants, jackets and other accessories covered in the classic GG logo motif in citrus colours as well as the easy to wear black. For those interested in purchasing, Miyavi layers a $1,800 stonewashed denim jacket over a $630 striped T-shirt with piglet patch so you better think carefully as the cheapest item in this collection is a card case that will set you back a cool $250.

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