LUNA SEA has kept a steady pace of daily uploading a music video for 30 consecutive days in conjunction with its 30th-anniversary project ECLIPSE 303030. Now that this part of the project has come to an end with a touching finale, we can finally experience the last video Make a vow -with All of us-, a music video where the band is joined by its “SLAVES” (fan club members).

It’s a really sweet video because a lot of the fans decided to include their family members in the frame. And about one minute into the video, we’re able to see some heartwarming hugs just as vocalist Ryuichi sings “Dakishimete” (hold me tight).

The ECLIPSE 303030 project celebrates LUNA SEA’s 30 years of making music where the band released a music video every day for 30 days, featuring rare content from the band’s archive. LUNA SEA has kindly put together a playlist on their YouTube channel so now everyone can conveniently go through all of the videos released during those 30 days.

The song Make a vow was originally released on April 28 with the intention of cheering fans up, fans who might have been struggling during the lockdown caused by the COVID-19 pandemic. The band also helped to prevent further spread of the coronavirus outbreak by providing assistance to frontline workers by organizing a charity broadcast festival MUSIC AID FEST,-FOR POST PANDEMIC-.

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