The music streaming service “MixBox” led by Bandai Namco Arts is starting to take shape with its teaser website now open! They’re planning to do a full-on launch this summer with the goal being to connect you 24/7 with the great content they have to offer, but the best part, it’s free of charge! While enjoying your music, you will also be able to take advantage of the video that is playing alongside.

Bandai Namco Arts is the parent company of the anime music label “Lantis”, known for producing music for ONE-PUNCH MAN, so we can expect some top tier anisong artists to join the line-up. Look forward to some nostalgic tunes while also being introduced to the latest and greatest.

In conjunction with MixBox, there is also the “MixUp!” initiative that was created in order to support remote production by artists and creators as part of the #StayHome movement. So far we’ve seen a handful of Lantis artists taking part and you can watch their contribution via Lantis’ YouTube channel, click here to jump to the massive MixUp! playlist. Many of these videos are of the artists playing and singing from home.

The artists who joined the MixUp! project.

In alphabetical order, these are the artists who are taking part in the MixUp! project:

  • Aira Yuhki
  • Chihiro Yonekura
  • CMB
  • CooRie
  • fhána
  • Hironobu Kageyama
  • Hiroshi Kitadani
  • JAM Project
  • Kenichi Suzumura
  • Kenshiro
  • Masaaki Endoh
  • Masami Okui
  • Miyuki Hashimoto
  • Nami Tamaki
  • Sayaka Sasaki
  • Shiho Terada
  • Shuhei Kita
  • Yoshichika Kuriyama
  • Yoshiki Fukuyama
  • yozuca*
  • and many more!
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