On June 7, Crystal Lake set sail for its crowdfunding project “Back To Roots Project”, an initiative to bring new life to classic Crystal Lake songs as well as evoking nostalgia for fans of the band. The purpose of the project is also to reintroduce the greatness of these songs which were important steps of their career. Likewise, the growth of Crystal Lake will be showcased through these re-recordings!

Even if only a day has passed since the crowdfunding started, it only took about 5 hours to reach 100% of their goal which was set to 3 million yen (approximately $28,000), and around half a day to reach 200%. We can expect to see this album released on August 5.

In addition to the reasonings above, this project emerged through the voices of the fans, particularly due to the COVID-19 situation which caused irregular schedules and activity for the band.

The nature of a crowdfunding project allows for fan participation and closeness through collective support. The best part might even be that anyone who pledges above 5000 yen ($46) will get their name included in the booklet and even the credits of the upcoming music video. If you happen to have 20,000 yen ($185) in spare change, you can even secure a 30-minute call to speak with the band (limited supply, so be quick!).

Interestingly, Crystal Lake’s former vocalist Veron (Kentaro Nishimura) will join in as guest vocalist. This is certainly a nice gesture considering how Ryo, Crystal Lake’s current vocalist, wasn’t actually a part of the band back when the original recordings were made.

On Twitter, Ryo shared some of his thoughts about the crowdfunding project:

Until now, I had no interest in re-recording. I considered that our previous tracks were completed works that didn’t need to be revised. However, through TNF Reunion and BAXE old tracks compilation, I realized that I wanted more people to know our most famous songs, leading us to this new challenge.

While preserving what should be preserved, and taking over what should be taken over, we will express our personality and evolution as a band. It’s not only about “reheating”, but also enjoying the equally nostalgic and surprising elements. I want to create a new piece of work that gets people who don’t know about our old tracks yet to listen to them continuously, regardless if they’re from Japan or anywhere else in the world.

About “Back To Roots Project”

The re-recording album titled The Voyages is scheduled to be released on August 5 and will include these songs:

Freewill (first demo, from the year 2003)

  1. Freewill

Dimension (first album, from the year 2006)

  1. Fabricated Refuge
  2. The Passage
  3. Innocence
  4. The Burden

Into the Great Beyond (second album, from the year 2010)

  1. Twisted Fate
  2. Open Water
  3. Daylight
  4. Into the Great Beyond

How will the money be spent?

  • Recording studio expenses
  • Sound engineer and designer
  • Music video shooting
  • Equipment and material
  • Merchandise for rewards
  • Crowdfunding commission
  • Other miscellaneous costs


  • Tier A (1000 yen)
    • Band members’ video comments
  • Tier B (5000 yen)
    • Tier A rewards
    • Your name mentioned in music video credits and in the booklet
    • Limited press copy of the new album
  • Tier C (5000 yen)
    • Tier A rewards
    • Your name mentioned in music video credits and in the booklet
    • Limited T-shirt
  • Tier D (5000 yen)
    • Tier A rewards
    • Your name mentioned in music video credits and in the booklet
    • A four-CD special package with a limited design for Freewill, Dimension, Into the Great Beyond, and The Voyages.
  • Tier E (10,000 yen)
    • Tier A, B, C rewards
  • Tier F (15,000 yen)
    • Tier A, B, C, D rewards
  • Tier G (17,000 yen)
    • Tier A, B, C, D rewards
    • Early access to the new music video from August 1. Including early access of all tracks of the album, the Ryo and Veron talk, and the members replying to fans’ questions.
  • Tier H (20 000 yens)
    • Tier A, B, C, D rewards
    • Online chat with the members, this tier is limited to 30 people. Groups of five people (randomly selected) will have 30 minutes to talk to the band.
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