Sanrio character ranking 2020 is underway and through its mid-term results announced on May 12, we were able to see Yoshikitty surging to top five in its worldwide ranking. Not only that, but it sits even higher in other countries; currently the most voted in Brazil, second in China, and at the third spot in Germany.

As this is just the mid-term results, Yoshikitty still needs your continuous support for a chance to rank higher. Fans worldwide are able to vote multiple times a day from any of their devices through May 25 (JST). The final results will be announced on June 9.

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Other ways to vote include buying goods of the specific character, and due to this, all Yoshikitty merchandise immediately ran out of stock.

Yoshikitty, as many of you already know, was created based on X Japan’s drummer Yoshiki. The character was born 2009 and has gained high popularity throughout the years and hit the 12th spot in the rankings in 2015, but in 2018, we saw Yoshikitty ranking at number three worldwide, ranking even above Hello Kitty herself.

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