After being teased with a lyric video last month, instrumental band fox capture plan has now released the full music video for the single Curtain Call, and of course, it features Yosh on vocals, the lead singer from the rock band Survive Said The Prophet. The music video ties in the auditory through an artful display, almost as if it was a theatrical performance. As for the song itself, it brings the best of two worlds through the symphonic elements from fox capture plan, along with Yosh’s passionate rock vocals.

See Yosh’s energy break out of his shell through his dramatic performance, together with fox capture plan’s stealthy play.

The single Curtain Call was released on May 13, so go ahead and grab your physical or digital copy! You can also stream it via Spotify and Apple Music.

  1. Curtain Call feat. Yosh (Survive Said The Prophet)
  2. Right and Left feat. Yosh (Survive Said The Prophet)
  3. Narrow Edge
  4. Curtain Call -Instrumental-
  5. Right and left -Instrumental-
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