The coronavirus pandemic hasn’t been easy on us and with Japan declaring a state of emergency, the mental stress has only increased. In these gloomy times, the former vocalist of girugamesh, Satoshi, decided to share a song called “To make you smile” (笑えるように) in the form of a video on Twitter—in spite of him not showing much activity on social media these days.

The soothing melodies come with encouraging lyrics written by Satoshi himself to pull us away from the dark and into the brighter future of tomorrow.

The tweet accompanying the video reads:

I can’t change anything, but
I hope this makes you smile.

By the end of the video, a strong message was displayed saying “FUCK THE COVID-19” in a grimy typeface. In fact, this design has actually been available as a shirt print through “utility” in Harajuku since last month. Parts of the proceeds will be donated if you decide to get it!

Right now the coronavirus is threatening society, so we made this with the hopes that everything will wrap up quickly.

Printed on the back is a message to those important people in your life.

It’s not often we’re able to hear Satoshi sing these days so this was definitely one of the greater highlights in a long time. Last year, we were lucky to see him perform on stage together with MUCC and shared a few teaser photos on our Facebook page. Make sure to follow us to keep up with any future updates like these!

Top photo: MTV81

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