Waiting desperately for NUL.’s first full album to make its entrance? If so, then your patience will be soon rewarded! The band has now officialized its release of the first full album which will be hitting shelves in June, however, more details regarding the album still remain undisclosed—even its title. At the same time, the band unveiled a new three-date domestic tour!

So far, NUL. released two demos CDs making it a total of four tracks. Considering these being demos and relatively limited in its sales, chances are that they will make it to their new piece of work. We can also expect some other songs which the band performed during their first show to join the album as well. The only publicly available song which is out of its demo phase is Xstream, in form of a music video, released last year in November.

Two birds one stone, NUL. has also shared information on their first national tour in Japan! It will be three dates in three different cities this summer. The previous show initially scheduled for March has also been postponed to July 26 due to the coronavirus, and at this show, drummer Yuya Ishii will support the trio as a guest musician. He’s known for helping out other big acts in the past such as TETSUYA (L’Arc-en-Ciel), LM.C, LiSA, ASCA, and many more!

On Twitter, HIZUMI promised us “the greatest sound crammed with passion” throughout the album, and invites us to “raise this heated passion even higher” at the tour!


Date Location Venue Tickets
June 20 Osaka Juso Gabu Info
June 27 Nagoya JAMMIN’ Info
July 3 Tokyo Shibuya Womb Info

Additional show

Date Location Venue Tickets
July 26 Tokyo Shibuya VUENOS Info

Did you know NUL. consist of members from D’espairsRay, defspiral, and Abingdon Boys School? If you want to learn more about the band, make sure to give our NUL. interview a read!

NUL. promotion image for first domestic tour.

Photo: Wanda Proft, Nagai Miki (永井美紀)

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