In these trying times, when live performances have been temporarily deemed a luxury we cannot afford, we’re looking back at G.L.A.M.S’ latest European tour, which took place throughout late February and March, and was accompanied by the release of the mini-album TWILIGHT AFTER THE RAIN.

We saw the band by the end of their tour, in Warsaw on March 8, and had the opportunity to speak with the members about their feelings about the tour, frequent overseas touring in general, and about the band’s latest mini-album.

How has the tour been going? Do you have any particularly memorable moments so far?

Mikaru: First time walking in Prague. I didn’t know it was such a wonderful city. It was like Final Fantasy, or Disneyland, so for this tour it was Prague for me.

Yudai: We have been doing a super lot of traveling around the world and up until now we have had many travel-related troubles that we had to overcome again and again. But now we’re here [in Warsaw]! And yesterday’s live [in Prague] was the best in the world!

Syu: Currently, each show has its own adventure and unique experience. So we are enjoying the tour more than ever and expect the same for the rest of this tour.

Your newest album “TWILIGHT AFTER THE RAIN” has been out for just over a week. What has been your favorite song to perform live from this album?

Tetsuto: The first track of the new album, In Endless Rainfall. We set out to make the audience sing along when we wrote this song, so I recommend this song from our live performance.

Yudai: In Endless Rainfall, and Another Lonely Day—both very old songs. In Endless Rainfall is a song I returned to from when I wrote it as a teenager, and Another Lonely Day I wrote five or six years ago but now I have completed this song with the members.

Tetsuto: Finally, Yudai could complete it. So he likes to perform those two songs.

Mikaru: Unbreakable Chain, this is R&B plus rock, so it’s a new type of song for me, a new challenge. So Unbreakable Chain.

Syu: Tokyo Ginza Blues. Finally we could discover a new style of music. This song is also gonna be the last music video of this album, so please enjoy it!

G.L.A.M.S「In Endless Rainfall」Music Video

In our last interview with Mikaru, you said that each song’s “lyrics are like the script of a movie”. Can you tell us the story behind one of your favorite songs from the new album?

Mikaru: Unbreakable Chain became a very dramatic work. This song’s image is the image of TWILIGHT AFTER THE RAIN. This is my image on the album.

G.L.A.M.S initially started as an artistic project of Mikaru’s, and performed with both a solo and band setup. How does the band work when it comes to music production? 

Mikaru: I create my favorite music, that’s how it works. The members have a lot of talent, especially Yudai who has something that I don’t have, something unique. He brings new songs that excite me. He is both a good songwriter and guitarist.

Yes! We have noticed Yudai is credited on many songs as the writer and composer. It’s great that G.L.A.M.S covers a spectrum of genres with its music which is different from previous projects such as BLACKLINE, and DIO. They were more genre-specific, we believe. But how does this creative freedom of genres reflect who G.L.A.M.S is?

Mikaru: One genre is not enough to present the music world in me. I think G.L.A.M.S is creative freedom and now with it, I can 100% create my work.

How have you evolved as a person and musician since you started G.L.A.M.S?

Mikaru: With my own preparation the responsibility was left to me. Sometimes it’s hard but very interesting. There is nothing impossible for me.

An annual European tour is often the highlight of the year for European G.L.A.M.S fans. What does the tour mean to you? What are your favorite parts of touring? 

Mikaru: I make albums and music videos to do shows and tours. The shows are the meaning of my life and unlike a movie theatre, I want to make it together with my fans. The feeling of becoming one with them at concerts makes me happy.

Tetsuto: Personally I like smoking on the highways. It’s a lot of fun for me. And performing music of course. [Laughs]

Syu: Fortunately, every year I can come back to Europe, to many countries and cities. After every tour my personality grows and I have new goals and it makes me motivated for the next tour.

Yudai: I get to see many different towns and people.

You spend many hours on the road during your European tours. How do you keep yourselves entertained? Have any of your songs ever been written during this time? 

Tetsuto: Mikaru always creates songs.

All: Sleeping! [Laughs]

Are any of your songs inspired by your European travels?

Mikaru: Of course, for example, yesterday in Prague. Imagining walking through such a lovely city with your lover it would make such a beautiful and sometimes sad love song.

Yudai: We have already made two songs on this album during our last tour, Sailing Away, and Another Lonely Day. After writing those songs the style of them became clear and perceivable, which in turn influenced us when creating the rest of the album.

G.L.A.M.S is an artistic project that combines art, jewelry, and music. What projects can we expect from you next?

Mikaru: Clothes or costumes. I used to design all my stage costumes, which also had wings. But now, not so much, especially with elaborate costumes as it’s difficult to find my ideal image. So it’s easy to make, but now is no time to do it but maybe in the future.

Do you have any particular goals that you are still aiming to fulfill with G.L.A.M.S? 

Mikaru: World tour. It’s been a dream for a long time.

Yudai, Tetsuto, Syu: Same!

To end this interview, please leave a message to your fans in Europe.

Tetsuto: Every year the tour has become a kind of usual event but actually each time I come I find many new things here, so I want to come back to Europe more than once a year–two times, three times, four times!

Yes, the more the better! 

Tetsuto: Also I want to live here! [Laughs]

Yudai: Please enjoy the five new songs and the next show.

Syu: When I come back to Europe, let’s make more romantic drama.

Mikaru: Do you want to be my everything? Okay, come to my bed! I will love your everything. Thank you!

We hope to see G.L.A.M.S back in Europe soon! It’s always a delight to have them return. If you would like to support the band, you can order TWILIGHT AFTER THE RAIN on the band official website, or check out their music on their YouTube channel!

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  1. Another Lonely Day
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