The instrumental band “fox capture plan” and Yosh from Survive Said The Prophet are ready to put their new collaborative work on display! The new song Curtain Call has received a lyric video and brings the symphonic elements from fox capture plan, together with Yosh’s passionate vocals as a rock singer.

Considering how fox capture plan fans are more used to vocal-less songs, Curtain Call will also come in an instrumental flavor with its full release, rest assured. But for the time being, take a look at how these two parties harmoniously synchronize to produce this gleaming gem, a collaboration we didn’t know we needed, until now!

While the single isn’t out yet until May 13, JROCK NEWS already had a sneak peek at the other two songs that will come with the single—and it’s quite some interesting stuff.

For example, the B-side song Right and Leftoriginally by Yosh’s band Survive Said The Prophet—is brought over to this release as a new rendition where fox capture plan offers their take on the instrumentals. It’s jazzier and more calming, at the same time, still very energetic thanks to Yosh’s strong vocals and the progressive drumming.

The second B-side track Narrow Edge is an instrumental song and gives us that “elevator music” feel with its soft synthesizer. Of course, the overall sound of the song is more sophisticated than that, but we’ll leave room for your own interpretation once the single goes out on sale.

  1. Curtain Call feat. Yosh (Survive Said The Prophet)
  2. Right and Left feat. Yosh (Survive Said The Prophet)
  3. Narrow Edge
  4. Curtain Call -Instrumental-
  5. Right and left -Instrumental-
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