Who needs to play the game Final Fantasy VII Remake when you can become the protagonist Cloud Strife himself? Well, sadly, many of us, considering we could never pull the look off as well as Alice Nine’s very own Shou! Turns out that the frontman is a huge fan of the game and decided to demonstrate his affection in the most genuine form.

On April 10, the release day of the game, many fans of the game gathered on Twitter to celebrate its much-anticipated release, but Shou’s celebration was much more flashy and extravagant. In his tweet, he shared photos of his character cosplay which were shot and directed with the help of his bandmate, guitarist Tora:

Congrats on the release of FF7!

I love it way too much, and I created these two memories with my close friends.

I’ll start playing from today.

In the newest video on his personal YouTube channel, you can watch Shou go through the several steps it took for him to become the gargantuan sword-wielding, spiky-haired badass!


For comparison, here’s Cloud from Final Fantasy Remake.

Over the years we’ve seen many Clouds, some good some bad, and some too difficult to describe, but Shou’s version is definitely one of the better ones out there. What do you think?

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