After starting a new band called Y!BAND, Toshl is switching over to something even more serious! Have you ever wanted to see Toshl dress up as a pudding while eating pudding? If yes, then you’re in for a treat as the lead vocalist of X Japan is now promoting Pucchin’s latest invention, plant-based pudding!

The plant-based pudding is different from the original version as it is made with soy milk and almond paste. It began its sale on March 16 but so far we haven’t been able to track one down to try for ourselves, so we’ll turn our heads to Toshl and see what we can expect.

Toshl is completely convinced that the new vegan-friendly pudding is just as enjoyable as the original version and urges everyone to try it out. Make sure to find our translation below so you too can enjoy Toshl’s spectacular reactions and thoughts!

This is the plant-based Pucchin Pudding! Whoa, plant-based?

The jiggling isn’t any different from the regular pudding! It looks so good.

This pudding doesn’t use any animal-derived ingredients—it’s totally plant-based.

Using soy milk and almond paste, and cane sugar and salt, but what does it actually taste like? Let’s find out! I’m excited!

Then let’s dig in! It’s my first time eating something like this. I’m glad! Let’s go for it.

It really feels just like regular Pucchin Pudding. Mm, mmm!

Ah! I get it! It’s definitely Pucchin Pudding but, how can I say, it has a gentler flavored than usual! I guess this is what “plant-based” does to it?

Yeah, it’s very smooth but the cane sugar really gives it some body, a deep sweetness. It’s very good!

Please try it for yourself!

Are you convinced yet?

The new plant-based Pucchin Pudding with a gentle sweetness to it.

This isn’t the first time we see Toshl help out Glico to promote their Pucchin Pudding. Previously we’ve seen him on commercials and he even sang a pudding ballad.

Pucchin Pudding commercial from 2019:

The ballad Toshl’s Beloved Pucchin Pudding:

[いトシのプッチンプリン]リリース1周年記念 オリジナル Special Music Video スゴイダローVer.

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