Cell Division is the debut album from Tokyo based metalcore band FAKE ISLAND, released on March 4, the album boasts twin female vocals: Erica on growls and YuuriBJOUX on clean vocals. It really drives home the range of vocal work that the duo can produce. Fresh off a European tour last summer and an Asia tour in the autumn with Spanish metal band Ankor, Cell Division delivers nine tracks of headbanging, two-step worthy metalcore. Produced by Gaku Taura (support drummer of Crystal Lake and previously in NOCTURNAL BLOODLUST), it is a solid album that does not stop, not even for a second!

Starting off the album both fists swinging is the aggressive track All At Once, mosh-worthy belter and letting rip a side to Yuuri’s voice we haven’t heard before. It’s followed up swiftly by the high energy, clean vocal-led Fortune, arguably my favorite track on the album. It really brings out the strengths of both vocalists as they work in harmony, artfully layered where they overlap. I dare you not to dance.

Then, Who The Hell Made This?, slams in with some dirty, djenty riffs and a strong opening from Erica before the song Just Wanna Live brings us a heavy injection of double kick drums, a groove-laden chorus that will get bodies up and moving like there’s no tomorrow. Throw Down and its fiery riffs from guitarist Matsumoto are next through the gate, strong enough to get hands clapping and heads banging. This song has already made an appearance at live performances as an opener and here you can really see why.

Overall, Cell Division is firmly set in its genre wheelhouse and doesn’t venture outside of it, but if you’re in the market for female-fronted metalcore, then this album definitely meets your requirements. FAKE ISLAND is a band that truly shines live, but this will absolutely tide you over in the meantime and I think we have a lot to look forward to from FAKE ISLAND in the future.

Those of you in Japan this month can catch them at their first-ever one-man live on March 28 at Shibuya Cyclone!

Cell Division


  1. All At Once
  2. Fortune
  3. Who The Hell Made This?
  4. Just Wanna Live
  5. Throw Down
  6. Hang Onto My Dream
  7. No Trust
  8. My Tranquilizer
  9. No Solution

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