nekomanju has announced an EP titled Pieromeo however, no release date or tracklisting has been set just yet. It will be available to preorder in early April and currently has eight songs announced for the tracklist, including—into the x x x, Pieromeo, Dreaming&Growing, Dogmatic Kaika, Kami, Sakanadete BOY, Hai ni Naru Made, with the possibilities of more tracks to be added.

Dogmatic Kaika and Dreaming&Growing were originally venue-limited singles with the former released digitally on March 21 and the latter being part of a split CD with SLOTHREAT that was also released digitally. Their previously released single Hai ni Naru Made and its coupling track Kami, Sakanadete BOY will also feature on the EP, giving us a total of three new songs!

Be sure to check back for more information in the future.


To be announced
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