Welcome back to another compilation of monthly releases. March has indeed shaped up to be one of the finest yet with a huge amount of CDs, DVD, and Blu-ray discs giving us a decent variety of artists to choose from. Check it out below!

Date Artist Release Title Release Type Comment Details
01 DaizyStripper INFINITY Album Comes in two editions. Info
04 GzNDLH Saikai – End Roll – Single Features three tracks. CDJapan
04 Kiryu Watashi Mamire (私塗レ) Single Kiryu’s third single; comes in three editions. Info
04 Ran Mudai no Playlist (無題のプレイリスト) Album Comes in two editions. CDJapan
04 Diaura Envy Single Comes in three editions. Info
04 SID delete Single Featured as an intro theme song for the TV anime series The Seven Deadly Sins Wrath of The Gods. CDJapan
04 SPYAIR Just Like This 2019 BD/DVD Features SPYAIR’s concert held on July 27, 2019 at Fuji-Q Highland. CDJapan
04 moumoon FULLMOON LIVE SPECIAL 2019 Chushu no Meigetsu IN CULTTZ KAWASAKI 2019.10.6 BD/DVD Features moumoon’s concert held on October 6, 2019. CDJapan
04 Free Aqua Butterfly Boo&Coo Mini-album Features six songs. CDJapan
04 ZIGGY 2017-2019 Video Clips & Singles + DVD Also comes with a CD featuring 13 tracks. CDJapan
04 UVERworld As One Single UVERworld to release the first single in 2020 featured as the main theme for the movie “Kamen Byoto.” CDJapan
04 SCANDAL Kiss from the darkness Vinyl SCANDAL release latest album in vinyl format. CDJapan
04 the GazettE Live In New York & World Tour19 Documentary The Ninth [99.999] BD/DVD Features a concert by the GazettE in New York from their world tour. Also features documentary on the tour. CDJapan
04 the GazettE LIVE TOUR18-19 THE NINTH / FINAL “Dai Ku” LIVE AT 09.23 YOKOHAMA ARENA BD/DVD Features the concert by the GazettE held on September 23 at Yokohama Arena. CDJapan
05 NIGHTMARE Nightmare Personal Best Album A greatest hits album; comes in five editions. CDJapan
10 BugLug Karakulyric Single Including SUPER HERO theme song for anime “Breakers”. CDJapan
11 Matenrou Opera HUMAN DIGNITY TOUR -9038270- FINAL AT TSUTAYA O-EAST 2019.12.6 BD/DVD Features Matenrou Opera’s concert held on December 6 at TSUTAYA O-EAST. Info
11 BabyKingdom Shinobi Supaichu Single Comes in four editions. CDJapan
11 Jiga Jiga Album Jiga’s first full-length album; features 14 tracks. CDJapan
11 NETH PRIERE CAIN Hito Yue, Hito Negau. (人故、人願う。) Single NETH PRIERE CAIN third single; comes in CDJapan
11 POIDOL Kikaiteki Shonen (機械的少年) Single Comes in two editions. CDJapan
11 amazarashi Boycott Album amazarashi’s first full album in nearly two years; comes in three editions. CDJapan
11 GLAY Review II -Best Of GLAY- Album Sequel to the greatest hits album REVIEW – BEST OF GLAY – released in 1997. Includes songs selected from their singles and albums by members and new songs. CDJapan
11 Develop One’s Faculties Inverse Reverse Album Develop One’s Faculties’s third album; comes in two editions. Info
18 Royz DAYDREAM Single Royz’s 19th single; comes in four editions. CDJapan
18 BUCK-TICK B-T Live Product Ariola Years- BD A box set of ten Blu-ray discs featuring their works from 2000 to 2010. Also includes unreleased footage and deluxe box packaging. CDJapan
18 Shintenchi Kaibyaku Shudan Ziguzagu 2 -Shintenchi- (慈愚挫愚 弐 ~真天地~ ) Album Shintenchi Kaibyaku Shudan’s second album; features 12 tracks. CDJapan
18 Mr.ChickenHat Atrantis Album Mr.ChickenHat Timers’ first album; features 10 tracks. CDJapan
18 DAMILA Alicia Single Features two tracks. CDJapan
18 lynch. Ultima Album Comes in three editions. Info
18 vistlip No.9 Mini-album Comes in four editions. CDJapan
18 Aldious Evoke 2010-2020 Album Aldious’ first album in nearly three years. CDJapan
18 Kiyoharu Japanese Menu/Distortion 10 Album Kiyoharu’s 10th album featuring 11 tracks, including SURVIVE OF VISION, the main theme for anime “Mugen no Jyunin – IMMORTAL -“. CDJapan
18 HYDE Believing In Myself / Interplay Single Featured in “Tokyo Marathon 2020”, BELIEVING IN MYSELF and INTERPLAY. CDJapan
18 RADWIMP Anti Anti Generation Tour 2019 BD/DVD Features RADWIMPS’ concert held on August 29, 2019 at Yokohama Arena and documentary. CDJapan
18 nano I Album nano’s first greatest hits album with 21 tracks. Info
18 Glen Pillo Talk. Single Glen’s second single; features four tracks. CDJapan
18 Mikansei Alice Shogyo Mujyo Dai Sakkai (所業無情大殺界 ) Single Features four tracks and a DVD featuring the music video and making-of for lead track. CDJapan
24 Ari Yowamushi wa, Kofuku wo Sae Osorerumonodesu. (弱虫は、幸福をさえおそれるものです。) Single Comes in two editions. CDJapan
24 the Raid. One Night Kareshi (ワンナイト彼氏 ) Single Comes in five editions. CDJapan
25 Ashmaze Phantom Shell Single Ashmaze.’s first single. CDJapan
25 RAZOR RAZOR 3rd ANNIVERSARY ONEMAN TOUR III -third- @ My Navi BLITZ Akasak DVD Features RAZOR’s concert at Akasaka BLITZ. Info
25 Plastic Tree Jusshoku Teiri (十色定理) Album Plastic Tree’s 15th album; comes in two editions. CDJapan
25 Zero [Hz] Disturbo Single CDJapan
25 PassCode PassCode CLARITY Plus Tour 19-20 Final at STUDIO COAST BD/DVD Features the whole performances at the final of the tour, “”CLARITY Plus Tour 19-20” held by PassCode at STUDIO COAST on January 13, 2020. CDJapan
25 Wagakki Band Kiseki Best Collection II Album Wagakki Band brings the second greatest hits album with 24 tracks in total. Includes bonus DVD featuring 20 music videos. CDJapan
25 STELLA. Beginning / PUZZLE Single STELLA.’s first single. CDJapan
25 Aimer Haru wa Yuku (春はゆく) / Marie Single Haru Ha Yuku featured as the main theme to theatrical anime “Fate/stay night [Heaven’s Feel]” III.spring song. CDJapan

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