As previously reported, Leetspeak monsters will release their fourth single Beltane on April 15! Interestingly, “Beltane” is an ancient Celtic festival that commonly takes place on May 1, and turns out to be the source of inspiration for the song. As a result, the band respectfully mixes their style with the spirit of the festival, both visually and musically. Check it out!

Leetspeak monsters『Beltane』MV FULL

Beltane is an ancient Celtic celebration on the first day of May. Fires were made and cattle were brought to the celebration to guard against illness in the coming year. Our song, Beltane, was made with the image of a witch’s celebration for the coming of spring, which is symbolized by a witchlike dancer. —Leetspeak monsters

The outdoor setting is fresh and new for Leetspeak monsters, and the surrounding torches and hanging lights create a warm atmosphere for the quartet. As the song ascends into its chorus, the witchlike dancer’s royal blue gown transforms into a fiery red that vibrantly stands out against the monochrome scenery. The extensive framing of various plants, old broken musical instruments, and starry skies interspersed with them walking in the forest, making for a heartfelt ode to a very traditional Celtic celebration.

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  1. Beltane
  2. Perfect night
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