Chanty has revealed almost all details in regard to the release of their third mini-album Shoutai Fumei, which is coming out next week on March 25. The quartet had recently teased us with a new look to promote their upcoming mini-album, however, at that time there were no details revealed. No pre-order links are available at the moment, although they should be up soon due to the imminent release date.

Shoutai Fumei is composed of seven tracks including a rearrangement of Kimi to Batsu, taken off Chanty’s second single Yoku no Katamari, released back in 2014. The band has also provided us with a video preview of the songs so we can get an idea of how the album will sound. It’s interesting to see how Chanty’s style has been kept intact—a soft but upbeat and energetic sound—despite the recent member change, keeping the chemistry with the new guitarist in a similar fashion. They just demonstrate this by including a 2014 piece, Kimi to Batsu, into their upcoming mini-album without it being out of place.

Chanty has recently put out their third live DVD in November featuring their 6th-anniversary one-man live Chanty no Sekai e Youkoso at Shinjuku BLAZE held on September 16, 2019. They also welcomed former FIXER guitarist Shiro to their line-up and released the singles Sakebitaku Nattakara, and Kirai na Koto.

Shoutai Fumei


  1. piano♯6
  2. Gyakujyou no pulse
  3. Phantom Music
  4. Patchwork
  5. Kimi to Batsu (Shoutai Fumei Ver.)
    君と罰 (正体不明 Ver.)
  6. Slideshow
  7. Oyasumi
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