Following Ashmaze.’s first mini-album we now have their first single Phantom Shell to look forward to when it comes out on March 25. Whilst it’s since a few weeks before the release they’ve uploaded the music video ahead of the launch to tickle your taste buds, so let’s take a taste.

Ashmaze. - Phantom Shell (Official Music Video)

Performing whilst suspended umbrellas surround them, projection-mapped torrential rain pours over the members cleverly creating a connection in the visual theme. As members perform their respective parts with technical prowess, measuring tapes cross over the screen to create barriers and entangle the hands of the members.

Phantom Shell as a song is heavy but with clarity as guitarist Shiyu plays finger and slap style whilst Ryo drives towards the more traditional way of playing. Building up to respective solos, they show off their individuality and then unite them effortlessly during the dual solo which is not often an easy feat.

Following on from the video, they continue the umbrella and measuring tape theme in their artist photos. Take a look below!

Measuring tapes spilling out vocalist Souma’s hands in “Phantom Shell” artist photo

Phantom Shell


  1. Phantom Shell
  2. Higan no Hana (ヒガンの花)

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More info:
Official Website
Twitter (Souma) (双真)
Twitter (Ryo) (諒)
Twitter (Shiyu) (詩結)
Twitter (Яyu)
Twitter (S1TK/Saitaku)
Instagram (Shiyu) (詩結)
Instagram (Яyu)
Instagram (S1TK/Saitaku)

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