On February 24, 2020, AllS broke over a year of silence to announce that they’ve decided to disband. The statement reveals that AllS, previously known as ALSDEAD, went on an unannounced hiatus, however, they came to the decision that it would be hard for them to continue musical activities and chose to, unfortunately, disband.

This triggered the band members to make comments on Twitter in regards to the sad news, with vocalist Maki feeling that they would return from their hiatus and guitarist SHIN thanking everyone for their support over their career. Bassist YOSKUE detailed his thoughts in a four-part tweet that explains the impact his father’s death had on him as a musician and how he debated with returning after the loss. He also mentions battling with a lack of motivation to continue with music and states that AllS is his last band. The translated statement from AllS and the band members’ comments are located below.

Announcement from AllS:

After pausing the band’s activities and despite each member facing their inner selves, AllS came to the conclusion that continuing our musical activities would become too difficult, and as a consequence, we took the decision to disband.

Thank you for all fans who supported us until now.

AllS’ members’ comments:


As announced, AllS is going to disband.

Without any previous notice, we suspended the band’s activities, and until today I guess some people were desperately waiting for us. Somewhere in my heart as well, I believed that tomorrow would come. But it didn’t go well. Life is also full of these kinds of things. From the bottom of my heart, I thank the fans for their support.


Thank you for your support. It’s a new step on a different path.
“People who lost something can become stronger”. One day, let’s meet again through music.


I sincerely apologize for not having written anything for a long time here, and also for AllS’ disbandment. The last live of the band was around a year ago, but I’ve been away from music for too long and couldn’t maintain a high enough motivation in the past, this is what I truly feel. In 2015, we suspended ALSDEAD’s activities, and the same year my father passed away.

When I lost my father I didn’t know if I should continue doing music or not, but all the other members wished to come back and fight as AllS. At that time, I decided to continue on the path of music, but somewhere inside myself, I felt my will decreasing, little by little. We thought about a farewell show, but that wishy-washy situation lasted for a year.

I am really sorry for AllS’ fans. I beg your pardon. It’s been almost 8 years since the formation of ALSDEAD, and I am really thankful for it. This is especially thanks to these members that we could work on good terms, it was a fun life filled with music. But I won’t play in a band anymore.

Until now I was exclusively watching Twitter without writing anything, but from now I wonder if I will start tweeting things about everyday’s life from time to time, haha. After such a long time, this is a kind of dark tweet, but I am fine.
From this point forward, I hope we, ordinary guy Yosuke and the other ALLS members, can count on your support.

The band has been around much longer than you may know, as they originally formed as ALSDEAD at the end of 2008 with vocalist Maki, guitarist SHIN, bassist Reito, and drummer Setsua.

Bassist Reito left in 2011 with support bassist Yosuke replacing him as an official member while drummer Setsua left in January 2014 and saw support drummer NIKKY, formerly of GALEYD, join as an official member that same year.

The band went silent for a few months after the release of single INAZUMA and in 2017, the band started up activity again but as AllS, dropping the heavy makeup and elaborate costumes for something more casual. They then went on to release EP Do or Die at the end of November. Their last scheduled performance was as far back as November 9, 2018, at Aoyama RiZM during an event titled SiCX Presents “Pit of Madness” -Vol.8- Tokyo and Nagoya Tour.

During their time as ALSDEAD, the band released eleven singles, one mini-album, three albums, one live-limited single, and featured on three compilations. As AllS, they released one EP titled Do or Die. They performed at cons and toured in America numerous times and performed in Europe once.

Do or Die


  1. Transmigration (Inst)
  2. Memories
  3. Limelight
  4. Identity Disorder
  6. Hunter

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More info:
Official Website
Twitter (Staff)
Twitter (MAKI)
Twitter (SHIN) (沁)
Twitter (YOSUKE) (陽佑)

Translation: Dorian (JROCK NEWS)

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