The last piece of KAMIJO’s trilogy series will fall in place in April with the release of Persona Grata, a single that is once again supported by the Castlevania illustrator, Ayami Kojima, who will provide the artwork. However, the trilogy is not the end as there will be a second act offering a new album that fans can look forward to!

Persona Grata is a single with its name taken from the recent live tour and with this release, it will be the first time we’ll be able to enjoy the recorded version of Persona Grata which previously could only be experienced through live performances. A beautiful ballad that questions the actions of mankind is awaiting us.

Following the pattern of the two previous releases from the trilogy, TEMPLE -Blood sucking for praying-, and Symbol of the Dragon, the upcoming release Persona Grata is joined by the astonishing artwork created by Ayami Kojima, the Castlevania illustrator. The subject of the drawing portrays Count of Saint Germain, a historical figure who is said to be immortal and one that was skilled in the art of alchemy.

This year also marks KAMIJO’s 25th anniversary and will be celebrated with the second act “PERSONA”, now that the trilogy is coming to an end. By summertime, we can expect to see the album being released alongside KAMIJO’s concert at Akasaka MyNavi BLITZ that takes place on July 16.


Persona Grata

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