HOLLOWGRAM released album Pale Blue Dot on February 12 but also revealed a trailer showcasing its uplifting and grandiose sound.

HOLLOWGRAM (ホログラム) 5th Album "Pale Blue Dot" Trailer

It’s apparent from the preview that the band is well-skilled in creating jazzy compositions such as Paradox and Flood of love but are also not afraid to dabble into bossa nova with Paint in watercolor. There are also a few uplifting songs such as Ryuuankamei and With you, alongside beautiful ballads The deluge and Tounari with heavier song Hayato put in for good measure.

Pale Blue Dot features 11 tracks in total and in its lead up, HOLLOWGRAM released four digital singles starting with Blind Watchmaker, Hayato, The deluge, and ending on Flood of love. It also features two live-limited singles Paint in watercolor and Tounari.

Check out their beautiful and serene artist photos for the Pale Blue Dot below!

Pale Blue Dot


  1. -pale blue dot-
  2. Paradox (パラドクス)
  3. The deluge
  4. Flood of love
  5. Blind Watchmaker
  6. Paint in watercolor
  7. Ryuuankamei (柳暗花明)
  8. Hayato (誑人)
  9. Tounari (遠鳴り)
  10. With you
  11. -primitive ocean-

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