In preparation for their upcoming European tour that will take place from February 27 to March 15, G.L.A.M.S has released two music videos, titled Endless Rainfall and Another Lonely Day on their official YouTube channel.

Both songs are featured on the band’s newest mini-album, TWILIGHT AFTER THE RAIN, that they will be releasing on February 27, just in time for the European tour.

The two songs really are like night and day. Endless Rainfall is a very high-energy song that may go down as one of the G.L.A.M.S songs that are really fun to enjoy live. We can already foresee the possibilities for audience participation! The lyrics start off a little mournful but evolve into a hopeful and encouraging song. The overall look of the video and the band is more subdued this time, as opposed to some. The band is clearly having fun with this music video; we can’t wait to hear this thing live!

G.L.A.M.S「In Endless Rainfall」Music Video

Another Lonely Day paints a different story. The song is a mild, sorrowful ballad mourning lost love, with lyrics combining English and Japanese and the video focusing on Mikaru’s soft vocals and Yudai on accompanying guitar. It’s the exact kind of song that will reliably tug at your heartstrings every time.

G.L.A.M.S「Another Lonely Day」Music Video

Which one of the newly released songs is your favorite? The more metal-leaning Endless Rainfall, or the soft and emotional Another Lonely Day? Are you ready for the tour? Tell us which concert you’re going to!



  1. Another Lonely Day
  2. Sailing Away
  3. In Endless Rainfall
  4. Tokyo Ginza Blues
  5. Unbreakable Chains

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