DEXCORE has announced that drummer Naoki will leave the band after their final performance together on February 29. This performance is part of a multi-band event at Takadanobaba AREA, titled PS COMPANY PRESENTS ‘Uruudoshi x Meikyoushisui vol.68’, and will see DEXCORE performing alongside bands such as NICOLAS, Virge, Verxina, and Ashmaze.

The statement reveals that Naoki expressed several differing opinions during the creation of the new album, mainly regarding the band and its music.

However, Naoki is thankful to those who have supported DEXCORE at whatever stage they were in during their activities but is also sad that he won’t be able to experience what’s next with everyone in the future. He understands that a “difference in opinion” is frequently given as a reason for members departing or bands disbanding, but as it summarizes everything, there is no other suitable way to explain the situation. He also says that there are things he can’t mention, but in my opinion, it’s evident that something serious has occurred considering the sudden announcement.

Drummer Naoki

Vocalist Kagami also had a word or two to say on the matter via Twitter explaining that he’s taking the fans’ feelings into account and apologizes for the sudden announcement. He expressed that he wants to prove wrong those who think the band isn’t worth their time and will continue ahead with the album release as planned. While also ensuring that DEXCORE won’t break up and that he’ll continue to protect the band, fans, and staff.

The respective announcements are situated below.

DEXCORE and Jelly Records:

Thank you for always supporting DEXCORE.

It’s a sudden announcement, but drummer Naoki will withdraw from the band. We express our deepest apologies for such an abrupt declaration to our fans who continue to support us day in and day out.

In the context of creating the new album, Naoki expressed several differing opinions in regards to the band and its music, which mainly constitute the reason for his withdrawal. This conclusion has been drawn from thinking about the future and the sake of the band.

The band will continue activities with its current line-up until February 29. Although there is only one show scheduled, please keep on supporting us.

We are aware of the worry and trouble caused to our fans and people involved with us, especially regarding the recent album announcement and delivery of our new work, but DEXCORE won’t stop to provide you with wonderful songs, so we beg for your support.


Please allow me to express my reason for withdrawing with this official statement.

To the people who supported DEXCORE from the very beginning, to those who discovered and loved us on the way, to anyone who ever supported us, I thank you. At the same time, I am really sorry and sad that we won’t be able to see what the future will bring us.

“Difference of opinion”. That expression may be considered as a frequent reason for withdrawal or even disbandment. But “difference in music”, “difference in the way of thinking” and every other thing is finally summarized as “difference of opinion”, there are no better words that could be used. I may be selfish but there are things that I can’t mention to you, the fans supporting us, as these things can only be understood by members only. It probably wouldn’t touch you emotionally. But I don’t mean to scorn or exclude you in any way.


I’m sure some of you are really saddened by this sudden announcement. I’m truly sorry.

How best to explain. Even though it’s something that cannot be helped.

Regarding this, those people who might think that DEXCORE is no longer worth their time will regret that thought later. The only thing I want to say is that DEXCORE will not break up, and as I said previously, I will protect the band, our members, our fans and staff with my life. Only this. Those of you who support us, I’m truly sorry for the sudden announcement, and I can only feel that there’s no excuse.

We will release our album as planned. From there, everything will be turned upside down.

Drummer Naoki is mostly known for his work in band DEATHGAZE who is currently on indefinite hiatus, originally recruited members for the band now known as DEXCORE. The band started as a three-piece band back in 2016 alongside vocalist Kagami and bassist Tetsu. Tetsu left in 2016 and they added guitarist Haku and bassist Toru to the lineup a few weeks after. Then Haku left in 2019 with guitarist Yumeto joining in a matter of weeks. Now they will lose the founder and its most experienced member.

DEXCORE’s last release with Naoki is the spectacular digital single DRAGOUT. that was revealed alongside its intense music video published on February 7.




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