Newcomer band RANDS is up for the release of their first full album Kusouzu (九相図). The album will see the light on January 8, exactly a year after their debut mini-album, Inferiority Complex & Narcissism. The band unveiled their new profile photos alongside a music video preview for the first single off the album, Monochrome. The full version of the song is now available for streaming via Spotify.

Listen to the previews for all nine songs composing Kusouzu below through the extensive audio preview. We can hear how RANDS aims to recreate the atmosphere of early sounds from visual kei forefathers such as LUNA SEA, Kuroyume, and even DIR EN GREY.

RANDS was initially the solo project of former AvelCain vocalist Karma, who commenced teasing the band in late 2017 via social media. Fast-forward to October 2018, their official website opened, revealing the identity of Karma’s new bandmates: guitarist Takuya, bassist Makoto, and drummer Kazuki. The latter withdrew from the band in May 2019 due to personal reasons.

Their first mini-album Inferiority Compex & Narcissism came out on January 08, 2019 aiming for a nostalgic feel of 90’s visual kei sound. Their first effort was later supported with the music videos for Phaelaenopsis and Mother. Their first single Leda Atomica was released on May 11, followed by the release of a second single titled Solaris on August 14.


Regular edition


  1. Jousou (浄相)
  2. Monochrome (喪の黒)
  3. Hakuchi (白痴)
  4. Shikan Arui wa Ren’ai Taishitsu (視姦あるいは恋愛体質)
  5. Teishi Saitai (停止臍帯)
  6.  Yuube wa Jisatsu wo Honomekatsu (夕べは自殺を仄めかす)
  7.  36.5℃ no Ayatori (36.5℃の綾取り)
  8. Buranko (鞦韆)
  9. Q

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