The promotion for POIDOL’s three-part concept series by vocalist Nana is now underway as the band has released a music video for the first instalment, Ryoukiteki Shounen (猟奇的少年), out on January 15. The music video for Shounen A (少年A) seems to be telling a story about a boy who becomes completely unhinged while roaming the streets of Shibuya in the rain, who ultimately ends his life in a back ally. While the video is not overly graphic, we do want to warn our readers in advance of its sensitive topic. Proceed with caution.


The video sees our main character of the story, acted by Nana himself, live-streaming on YouTube while aimlessly walking around making odd and unsettling facial expressions into his shacky camera. Clips of him eating like a savage and chugging on a bottle of strong whiskey contribute to the deranged feel of the video. These scenes transition between the band performing together in red jumpsuits in a dank environment with low lighting, taking us on an up and down ride, that matches the energetic yet heavy theme of the song.

The two sides to vocalist Nana presented without and with heavy make-up is quite the contrast.

Here, Nana looks and acts like a completely different person with his hair styled, heavy makeup, and contact lenses. Surprisingly, there is no dance accompanying it either, which is definitely a first for this band.

The type A of Ryoukiteki Shounen will feature a CD with two tracks, Shounen A and MiMiC-Another Side-, with the original song first appearing on type B of their second single Eureka. There is also a DVD containing the music video and its off shot. Meanwhile, type B only has one CD but three tracks in total instead of two, adding Choueki Sannen as the second track, moving MiMiC-Another Side- down one place.

POIDOL in dirty red stylized boilersuits. Undoubtedly their darkest look to date.

Ryoukiteki Shounen (猟奇的少年)

Type A


  1. Shounen A (少年A)
  2. MiMiC -Another Side-


  1. Shounen A (少年A) Music Video

Buy at CDJapanHMV or Amazon

Type B


  1. Shounen A (少年A)
  2. Choueki Sannen (懲役三年)
  3. MiMiC -Another Side-

Buy at CDJapanHMV or Amazon

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