Chanty recently held their 6th-anniversary one-man live Chanty no Sekai e Youkoso at which they announced their third mini-album titled Shoutai Fumei (正体不明) will be released on March 25.

The band also achieved another remarkable milestone by completing their first year with guitarist Shiro in the line-up. The former Fixer guitarist managed to be a perfect fit for Chanty and filled the huge presence left by guitarist Chitose. The band has since released two singles Sakebitaku Nattakara, and Kirai na Koto, and are looking forward to securing their new identity alongside Shiro in the upcoming mini-album Shoutai Fumei, meaning “unidentified”.

No details were revealed at the time such as the amount of songs it will include, available editions or its cover artwork. However, the members unveiled their white, almost grey,  themed profile pictures:

Listen, and watch the music video for Tantanto extracted from their 9th single Kirai na Koto in case you missed out:

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