6XT7 (sixty-seven) celebrates the success of their first demo reaching 100,000 plays on SoundCloud with the official release of HELLO DARKNESS along with a Tokyo-shot full-length music video.

HELLO DARKNESS combines 6XT7’s signature sound of heavy core with trap metal elements, and duo vocals of screaming and melodies, to vent out the struggles and sadness of the song’s lyrical theme and finally find peace. The song explores the themes of self-struggle, and 6XT7 discuss the real-life experiences that inspired the song:

I knew a kid who struggled because of his parents’ divorce and the lies and fights between them.

The mom always told the kid “I hope you don’t grow up like your father.”

And ever since that, it left a mark in the kid.

Everywhere he goes, he sees his father’s shadow, and that makes him start to deny himself.

The DNA is in his blood and he can never wash it away thus he is haunted by it for his whole life.

I think everyone has a different story about self-denial and the shadow/demon that always haunts us.

That’s why the song is called “ Hello Darkness”.

The music video for HELLO DARKNESS is directed by Toshihiko Imai who is also known to direct artists such as Kiyoharu, the GazettE, MIYAVI, and Plastic Tree. Imai uses the imagery of Tokyo nightscapes and dimly lit streets to support the dark themes of the song, while heavily relying on the neon glow of lights to shed light on the silhouettes of 6XT7’s Tasz and Lisa as they tell their story.

Alongside the new release comes a new series of merchandise that is now available from 6XT7’s online store. Some really unique gems to dress like the goth star you are!

Just before you go, take a listen to 6XT7’s cover of HIDE’s Pink Spider—a unique rendition indeed!




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