The Tokyo-based post-hardcore and metalcore band MAKE MY DAY has announced their second full album Mind Haven for a January 29, 2020 release. The upcoming album features some heavy songs which fans have already been enjoying in form of a moshpit during previous concerts!

With the ambiguous video announcement titled “20140625-20200129” that was published on YouTube, on December 10, fans were a bit worried about what the reveal would consist of, but as we now know, there’s a new album for us to look forward to next year! The numbers on the video refer to the release date of the first album, and the second album respectively.

The unveiled tracklist reveals 10 songs where we find the track WAKE UP, featuring Io and Kagura from the scream idol unit, Broken By The Scream. You will also get a proper pre-taste of the album next week on December 18, which is when the second track Fragment will be given an early release. Some previously delivered tracks from limited edition singles will also be published, such as Searching for the Fate, and I Hate Everything.

If you’re not too familiar with this band, expect an album with attitude and heavy guitars, and of course some profanity and rap too. To get a better idea, have a listen to the live version of the sixth track reborn featuring the moshpit we earlier mentioned, and ninth track Searching for the Fate.

Live performance of reborn:

MAKE MY DAY - reborn Live Clip at A.V.E.S.T. Project vol.12

Searching for the Fate plays as background music in the video:

MAKE MY DAY - A.V.E.S.T. project vol.13 recap video

Have a look at the album artwork which is created by Survive Said The Prophet’s guitarist Ivan, consisting of the signature white scribble.

A sneak peak of the album “Mind Haven” in the wild.

Update 2019-12-20: Artwork is released and created by Survive Said The Prophet’s guitarist Ivan.

Mind Haven


  1. Mind Haven
  2. Fragment
  3. Death Wish
  4. Money
  5. I Hate Everything
  6. Reborn
  7. For Freedom
  8. Like a Dead
  9. Searching for the Fate
  10. Wake Up feat Io & Kagura from Broken By The Scream

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