Lie and a Chameleon (嘘とカメレオン), a five-piece band from Tokyo formed in 2014 has been signed by JPU Records ahead of their first major single Mononoke in the Fiction, out on January 15, 2020. To tease their new oversea audience, they have uploaded the music video of the title track “0 (read as “zero”) as well as making it available for download and stream already.

Headed by the vocalist and songwriter Cham (.△), she is joined by Sosuke Watanabe and Yuta Sugeno guitar, Asahi Shibue on bass, and Takaumi Aoyama on drums, the group produces some funktastic feet tapping tunes. We recommend Lie and a Chameleon to fans of YUI (now in Flower Flower) and Polkadot Stingray, but have a listen to their latest track “0” to make up your own mind.

嘘とカメレオン「0」MV (「BLEACH Brave Souls」オープニングテーマ) / Lie and a Chameleon "0"

For those into mobile phone games, 0 is currently the opening theme of anime adapted game BLEACH: Brave Souls

Bleach: Brave Souls New Opening Movie

The Mononoke in the Fiction single will contain three tracks in total, but so far we only know that one other track will be used for the anime In/Spectre which will start airing in January 2020 on Japanese TV and Crunchyroll.


What do you think of Lie and a Chameleon so far? Now that they’re signed to JPU Records, would this mean they’ll be visiting Europe sometime soon? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

0 (zero)

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More info:
Official Website
Twitter (Cham (.△))
Twitter (Sosuke Watanabe)
Twitter (Yuta Sugeno)
Twitter (Asahi Shibue)
Twitter (Takaumi Aoyama)

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