Is it possible to out finesse Shiina Ringo, the classiest woman in jazz-rock? Well, apparently she can topple over her previous swan self and emerge from the ashes a phoenix. Roman to Soroban, featuring another pop queen Utada Hikaru, is a delicious second collaboration after Nijikan dake no vacances. Dim the lights and sink deep into an elegant fantasy.

Set in a monochromatic casino, Salvador Dali would be impressed by the abstract concept of playing classy Tetris. Surrounded by beautifully dressed pole dancers gracefully twirling away in feathered and glittering outfits next to the lineup of sharpy dressed Tetris block delivering gentlemen, they play Tetris as though it was a refined game of chess or roulette.

I’m a huge fan of this video, though I favor the upbeatness of Shiina’s police chase sounding track Kouzen no Himitsu (公然の秘密) that will also be featured in Newton no Ringo (ニュートンの林檎 ~初めてのベスト盤~), her first anniversal best-of album out on November 13, 2019.

Summarizing her career, this two-disc remastered album set can be said to conclude the 20th anniversary of Shiina’s debut, focusing on all original albums and self-covered albums released so far. This limited album includes a meaty 30 tracks in total and includes two special bonus tracks (remixes of Marunouchi Sadistic and Jiyudom and an AR-compliant booklet.

Newton no Ringo ~Hajimete no Best Ban~

Limited edition

Disc 1

  1. (Untitled new song)
  2. Koufukuron
  3. Suberidai
  4. Tadashii Machi
  5. Kabukichou no Joou
  6. Marunouchi Sadistic
  7. Koko de Kiss Shite.
  8. Gips
  9. Tsumi to Batsu
  10. Honnou
  11. Mayonaka wa Junketsu
  12. Meisai
  13. Kuki (STEM) ~Daimyou Asobi Hen~
  14. Ringo no Uta
  15. Bonus Track: Marunouchi Sadistic neetskills remix

Disc 2

  1. Kouzen no Himitsu
  2. Kono Yo no Kagiri
  3. Hayari
  4. Shun
  5. Jiyuu e Michizure
  6. Carnation
  8. Ariamaru Tomi
  9. Seishun no Matataki
  10. Jinsei wa Yume Darake
  11. Oishii Kisetsu
  12. Kemono Yuku Hosomichi
  13. Nagaku Mijikai Matsuri
  14. Menukidori
  15. Bonus Track: Jiyuudom Hyadain no Rererere☆remix


  • Special sleeve case packaging with AR-compliant booklet

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