SCANDAL unveiled a visually stunning music video for their newest composition, a digital single titled Saishuheiki Kimi (最終兵器、君) which roughly translates to “final weapon, you”. This is the second digital single release under their newly established private record label her. Saishuheiki Kimi is a punk-rock tune composed by guitarist Mami, and lyrics penned by drummer Rina.

The sound of the song is a bit more experimental than what SCANDAL has been offering lately. Starting with Rina’s pounding drums, and electric guitar strumming, the instrumental kicks in and then mixes with an unusual heavily distorted vocal track in Haruna’s voice. The catchy guitar riff and addictive chorus will get you singing the “kimi nanda, kimi nanda” part after a couple of listens. Saishuheiki Kimi is definitely a refreshing song that surely will be on repeat for a while.

Lyrics talk about breaking out from the daily routine and encourages the listener to live life the way nobody else can by picturing the best image of yourselves, the ultimate weapon.

The music video is filled with colorful, bright visuals either found in the girls’ stylish clothes, the multicolored smoke or just in Mami’s intense yellow hair dye. The band also offers an energetic performance during the whole shot, especially vocalist Haruna who can be seen jumping and moving around more freely without her guitar.

SCANDAL「最終兵器、君」 / Saishuheiki Kimi - Music Video

Saishuheiki Kimi

Digital edition

  1. Saishuheiki Kimi (最終兵器、君)

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