Without a second to prepare, the popular Japanese culture convention HYPER JAPAN announced their first performer, and to our pleasant surprise, it was revealed to be the rock artist nano! This means nano will be coming to London and perform this summer at HYPER JAPAN Festival 2020, taking place between July 10–12 at Olympia London.

nano’s performance will take place on Friday and Saturday’s first session and even offer a meet-and-greet session right after the show.

The Japanese bilingual singer born in New York, nano, was originally known for uploading Vocaloid covers on niconico and YouTube and made a name for also producing English covers of songs originally sung in Japanese. After moving to Japan to pursue a career as a singer, nano later debuted with the album nanoir in 2012 which provided more opportunities and challenges. In recent years, we’ve seen nano perform overseas plenty of times, entering the Oricon chart and peaking at number six with album Rock on, and writing lots of music for games and anime.

One anime song that stands out is SAVIOR OF SONG, featured as the opening theme song for Aoki Hagane no Arpeggio: Ars Nova, which currently has 21 million views on YouTube. In addition to nano’s vocals, the song features MY FIRST STORY‘s Hiro who is also known as vocalist Taka’s younger brother from the band ONE OK ROCK.

SAVIOR OF SONG / ナノ feat. MY FIRST STORY Music Video

We spoke to nano in an interview earlier this year about the difference that separates western and Japanese music and how rock’n’roll shaped them as a person. Be sure to check it out!

Don’t forget to get your HYPER JAPAN tickets today, as they were announced along with this news. Children under the age of 11 can enter for free.

Update 2020-02-17: Details on day of performance and meet-and-greet details included.

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