Kizu took pleasure in presenting fans with the lyric video for Kuroi Ame before its release on October 29, focusing on a close-up of the single art before gradually zooming out to reveal it in its entirety.

This helped establish the calm, slow, and passionate ballad we now know of today and pertaining to that, the band has also revealed its music video!

As presented in their artist photo’s, Kizu brings their performance of the song to the outskirts of a city to what looks like a construction site. Here we see vocalist Raimu grovel in the dirt and stumble his way up a hill in mud as remnants of the past crawl by and reach towards him.

This is concluded as Raimu and those after him grab at his body as they splash around in a pool of muddy water, with the dirt covering them all over. There are also transitions to a woman in a wheelchair as wartime imagery is projected onto her and the wall in front. It’s here that the relation between the CD jacket is made.

Kuroi Ame (黒い雨)

Regular Edition


  1. Kuroi Ame (黒い雨)
  2. Iki no Dekiru Shigai (息のできる死骸)

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Limited Edition


  1. Kuroi Ame (黒い雨)
  3. Jyusei (銃声)


  1. Kuroi Ame -Music Clip-

Kizu Hall Oneman Tour ‘Tenbatsu’ x ‘Tenchuu’ 2019.4.7 ‘Tenchuu’ Tokyo International Forum C

  1. Stalker (ストーカー)
  2. Buta (豚)
  3. 0
  4. Heisei (平成)

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