DADAROMA continues with their naming conventions for mini-album ‘dadaism#5′ due out on November 13 in types A and B!

Type A will have six songs and the music video for ‘DAY BY DAY’ on DVD while type B is CD only, taking the track total up to seven by adding the piano version for ‘Pornograph’.

The band didn’t leave us hanging either as they published the music video for ‘DAY BY DAY’.


It’s here that ‘DAY BY DAY’ overlooks a scenic view of the beach at sunrise as the members perform to the uplifting and trance-like elements of the song. It’s definitely a thing to behold and is quite possibly one of their most beautiful music videos to date!

They also took the liberty of allowing us to delve further into the content of ‘dadaism#5′ with a preview trailer!


Starting with Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, however, it’s not the nursery rhyme as you originally know it. It’s dark, haunting, and heavy with vocalist Yoshiatsu’s echoing vocals and minor piano keys creating that atmosphere alongside the guitars. Enzen goes down a more Latin route and that’s contributed by the acoustic guitar, bass, and drums—it’s also something we haven’t quite heard of from DADAROMA. Geidoro is the playful song this time around, drawing similarities with Heya to Brassiere to Watashi from mini-album ‘dadaism#4′, Chotto Okashina Renaikan from ‘Pornograph’, and Sute Neko no Rondo from Dendrobium. Kabukichou no Onna is one of their jazzier outings in the same vein as Morphene#1, Morphene#2, and Saishuu Densha. Pierrot no Uta utilizes toy box music and sharp sounding synths that add to the emotional factor of the song. Then we have the atmospheric and clean-sounding ‘DAY BY DAY’, seemingly illustrating the end of the song this time around rather than the beginning.

Finishing with the piano version of ‘Pornograph’ and I have to say, this is my favourite so far with the others being KURT, Tsuki no Uta, and Okami Shounen to Doko Ringo.

You can also check out their sun-soaked artist photos below that are beautifully photographed!

Update 2019-11-20: Now updated with the full music video. You can still watch the short version here.


Type A


  1. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
  2. Enzen (嫣然)
  3. Keidoro (ケイドロ)
  4. Kabukichou no Onna (歌舞伎町のオンナ)
  5. Pierrot no Uta (ピエロのうた)
  6. ‘DAY BY DAY’


  1. ‘DAY BY DAY’ Music Video

Buy at CDJapanHMV or Amazon

Type B


  1. Twinkle Twinkly Little Star
  2. Enzen (嫣然)
  3. Keidoro (ケイドロ)
  4. Kabukichou no Onna (歌舞伎町のオンナ)
  5. Pierrot no Uta (ピエロのうた)
  6. ‘DAY BY DAY’
  7. ‘Pornograph’ (‘ポルノグラフ’) ~piano ver~

Buy at CDJapanHMV or Amazon

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