Miraninarenakatta Anoyoruni, the latest track by amazarashi, will be featured on their upcoming DVD and Blu-ray “amazarashi Live Tour 2019 Miraininarenakatta Subeteno Yoruni”, due out on November 27, 2019.

Entering with a noisy raw guitar, a gentle melody on piano flows in accompanied by the warm voice of Hiromu Akita, I was initially surprised this track turned out the way it has. At the moment of writing, I believe it is to do with how well they have delicately harmonized and balanced the movement of the entire track, from melodies to instruments, creating a pretty solid and round piece of music. Have a listen to it yourself.

amazarashi 『未来になれなかったあの夜に』Music Video

This song is an inspirational piece, uplifting in a way after watching a long battle that a team prevails, but it was the buttery-smooth transition and excellent balance of this song between the transition of each phase that had my ears intrigued. The storytelling in the short film-like music video was acted out by famous Japanese actors and shot over a period of 3 days in 21 different places, show the hardships of being in a band,

. This video combines nicely with the whole theme. You can stream this track now on Spotify and Apple Music.

amazarashi Live Tour 2019「未来になれなかった全ての夜に」Trailer

If you wish to learn more about this release, each of the members each has a special trailer to promote this release on a special website. They’re very well shot, so go take a look.

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