It’s been announced that drummer Tetsuya will leave RAZOR after their RAZOR 3rd ANNIVERSARY ONEMAN TOUR III -third- performance on November 30, 2019, at Mynavi BLITZ Akasaka.

Tetsuya himself doesn’t specify the reason for his departure apart from choosing “another direction, a different life”. He repeats, “I would have never expected to work with him” in regards to fellow members Ryoga, Tsurugi, and IZA. However, he sees Kouryuu as a brother, being with him the longest out of all of the members. This is most likely because they were in the band My BACTERIA HEAT IsLAND together.

Their final single with this lineup will be Kanzen Muketsu, out on November 6. Each members’ message is situated below.

Drummer Tetsuya

Important announcement from RAZOR

During the show today (October 18), we have announced that Tetsuya (Drums) will leave the band after the “RAZOR 3rd ANNIVERSARY ONEMAN TOUR III -third-” show that will be held on November 30, 2019, at Mynavi BLITZ Akasaka.

Here are the member’s comments:

Dr. Tetsuya

It’s already been three years since we’ve been together.

A long time ago, Ryoga was my rival. It was a real mess, and I understood why the kanji 牙 (Fang) is composed of his name: he knows a lot about music, he knows a lot of people and he is capricious, just like a cat.

I would have never expected to work with him.

There was a time when I played with my previous band during an opening act of a show at Zepp, Tsurugi was shining on the stage I yearned after, and I thought he was a unique, different person.

I would have never expected to work with him.

IZA, with who I had the chance to work with during numerous battle of bands events or as a support member, our sounds matched perfectly on stage together.

When we started our activities as RAZOR, he was not very talkative but eventually, we talked about many things. Well, we were dead drunk so it’s quite hazy *laughs*.

I would have never expected to work with him.

And then Kouryuu, with whom I’ve always been with. No matter what I was doing, I feel like we were always together.
When our previous band disbanded, I was completely lost for two years and I didn’t know what way I should go, but he was always calling me.

He was looking at me with some kind of younger brother’s eyes, but before I noticed he actually became my older brother.
If Kouryuu hadn’t been here, I would have never become the person I am today. He is a brilliant and very cool guy.

We all came from different paths but became one with RAZOR. I felt it was a fortunate meeting.
From our first show until now, I experimented with many things for the first time, between my music experiences, RAZOR was my biggest music activity, and I received support from many fans.
Thank you for that, thank you very much.

As all five of us were walking on the same path, I chose another direction, a different life.
I will leave the band after the Akasaka BLITZ on November 30, and RAZOR will reach its third complete year of activity.
Until that time and to leave without any regrets, I will focus and continue until the very end. I’m counting on you all.

RAZOR drum Tetsuya

Vo. Ryoga

Tetsuya will leave RAZOR after the Akasaka BLITZ one-man show on November 30.

Tetsuya did his best to continue with RAZOR, but he faced an unsolvable and difficult problem which forced him to follow another path.

So from now on, I want to support him as much as I can, wherever his next fight in life takes him, even if it’s not in the music world.

The five of us will do our best until November 30 so please keep supporting us.

Gu. Tsurugi

Today we announced the departure of Tetsuya. The Akasaka BLITZ show on November 30 will be our last with all five of us gathered and it will also be the end of RAZOR’s third year.

I met him in October 2015 at Takadanobaba Area, so it has been around four years ago now. From that time, we had several interactions, we became a part of a band and struggled for around three years. I have so many memories.

Since Tetsuya informed us about his decision to continue his life on another path, we had numerous discussions with the other members, but also with other people concerned. Speaking honestly, I was expecting we could all continue together, the five of us. However, considering each other’s future lives, we came to this decision. It’s a sudden announcement and I can imagine how confusing and painful it is for fans. I feel the same.

Life crossroads are the places of new meetings and separations. It’s not as if we could agree on anything, but it’s exactly for this reason that we have to see him off towards the path he chose to walk on, as lifemates.

RAZOR won’t stop its activities and will keep going with all our strength so we beg you, the fans, for your support.

Gt. Kouryuu

As announced, Tetsuya will leave RAZOR.

To be honest, a lot of different feelings are whirling inside of me, I am not sure about how I should express myself and as the result of always overthinking and worrying, I hid Tetsuya’s feelings inside me so I want to fight for him from now on.

We were together in the same bands for eight years, I was always here for him and as his best friend, I probably know him more than he does himself. This bond won’t change no matter what he does from now on.

I wish that Tetsuya’s drumming will remain forever in everyone’s heart.


A lot of things have happened since RAZOR’s formation but each time we spoke about it, we supported each other.

I thought that from now, we too could overcome all difficulties and keep fighting.

This time, I completely understand that Tetsuya’s decision was the consequence of his troubles and worries. I respect that as well as his feelings.

Things that once had a shape will be destroyed one day.

Things that had a beginning will have an end as well.

I would be very happy if everyone could understand just a little bit how difficult managing a band is and how its not granted unless we fight for it.

I don’t want to waste those three years spent with Tetsuya so I will keep moving forward.

Maybe I will be tempted to check behind me from time to time, but I want to keep walking as much as I can.

There is not much time left until our last live together on November 30, but please keep supporting us.

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