Alice Nine unveiled more details on their long-awaited return with the upcoming single Revolutionary Blooming, which is now set to be released on October 23. The band surprised us with a Vocaloid version of the title track featuring the Vocaloid personas Rin, and Len Kagamine. The track is composed by bassist Saga, and its instrumental version is available to download for free. They’ve also unveiled a new look which sees animated versions of the members alongside Rin, and Len.

As previously reported, the band once known as A9 rebranded once again as Alice Nine, thus returning to the previous stylization used in their early days. The announcement of a new single titled Revolutionary Blooming came along with this news, and the boys presented us their first promotional profile pictures for the new era.

In other news, Alice Nine opened a new domain and already set two celebration concerts for the end of the year. A Christmas concert on December 25, and a New Year’s concert on January 5.

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