It’s only up until recently that Survive Said The Prophet live activities revolved around Asia—taking them to Taiwan, China, Hong Kong, and of course—their home country, Japan. They continue to return to the continent and in fact, they’ll hit Asia again in October with the inclusion of Korea.

In July this year, the band announced their dates for their European debut—two headline shows in the UK, taking place at Boston Music Room in London on September 6, and The Star and Garter in Manchester on the following day! We at JROCK NEWS had the pleasure to see Survive Said The Prophet for the first-ever European performance!

Photos credits: Charles Shepherd

Photos credits: Charles Shepherd

The fairly filled venue burst into life with the piano-laden and atmospheric intro s p a c e [ s ] leading onto the wonderfully polarizing T R A N S l a t e d, making for an explosive and perfect opening. The aftermath of Fool’s Gold had Yosh shouting “I asked you guys can we keep this shit going?!” leading us to found & lost, the opening song to anime BANANA FISH.

It had everyone in the room clapping and jumping together with Yosh remarking “This, this is incredible! You guys are incredible!”. Right and Left led to clapping and singing during the intro and gradually jumping into the chorus while The Happy Song gets the audience to wave their hands in the air. Yosh communicates with the audience as if he’s engaged in a conversation while singing the relatable lyrics—and rightly so, as he gets the audience to sing the chorus.

Photos credits: Charles Shepherd

Photos credits: Charles Shepherd

Their most recent single and anime opening for VINLAND SAGA enters MUKANJYO, creating an aggressive and powerful atmosphere once more. This contrasted greatly with ballad Follow You and the cool and electrifying Tierra to take energy back up to 10 with another anime number, NE:ONE, the ending theme song for movie Code Geass: Lelouch of the Rebellion III – Glorification.

Photos credits: Charles Shepherd

Photos credits: Charles Shepherd

All of their songs are relatable in one way or the other, but their last song When I really hit me with its carefree lyrics and mellow composition that kept me smiling throughout.

Leaving the stage, the call for an encore soon resonated throughout the venue and they walked on once more for ballad Listening and Conscious with the message that this was not the end but the beginning!

Their setlist totalled up to fourteen songs including the encore and with that, they wrapped up their first-ever show in Europe! I couldn’t stop myself from being drawn in by Yosh’s infectious smile and there was even the opportunity to talk to the band afterwards, sign merchandise and take photos with the fans! We can only hope that we see them sooner than later then!

Photos credits: Charles Shepherd


  1. s p a c e [ s ]
  2. T R A N S l a t e d
  3. found & lost
  4. Right and Left
  5. The Happy Song
  6. S P I N E
  8. Follow
  9. Tierra
  10. NE:ONE
  11. Network System
  12. When I


  1. Listening
  2. Conscious

s p a c e [ s ]

Regular edition


  1. s p a c e [ s ]
  2. T R A N S l a t e d
  3. S P I N E
  4. Right and Left
  5. found & lost
  6. p a c e s [ s ]
  7. NE:ONE
  8. The Happy Song
  10. s t i l l b e l i e v e

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