Kuro UNiTE is back!

The darker alter-ego to UNiTE returns with the release of their first mini-album Kuro no Houkou out on October 2 containing 10 tracks in total—the last five of which are instrumentals.

Similar to their first single Kuro no Reirou, the CD will only be available in-store at little HEARTS., Jishuban Club, Ongaku Dokoro, fiveStars, Magical Square, and SKULL ROSE.

They also revealed artist photos using traditional costuming and a red spider lily design with gold detailing on black, exemplifying the look. Taken in what appears to be a derelict building; vocalist Yui looks intensely into the camera; guitarist Shiina Mio is a bell-wearing fluffy fox; bassist Haku has longer hair, a traditional Japanese hair set complete with ornaments and is wearing a skirt, lace gloves, and has a sword over his shoulder; whilst guitarist LiN and drummer Sana are matching in white and red makeup, black hair, and red skirts but individual differences are implemented, all while connected via a ribbon next to their heart.

Check the tracklist and artist photos below!

Kuro no Houkou (黒ノ彷徨)


  1. Akarai Chou (赧い蝶)
  3. 釘 (Kugi)
  4. Ravish Monster
  5. Licks
  6. Akarai Chou (赧い蝶) (off vo.)
  7. EARL GREY (off vo.)
  8. 釘 (Kugi) (off vo.)
  9. Ravish Monster (off vo.)
  10. Licks (off vo.)

Buy at UNiTE Official Goods Store, LittleHEARTS., Jishuban Club, Ongaku Dokoro, fiveSTARS, Magical Square or SKULL ROSE

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