The solo project of BUCK-TICK’s Yagami Toll is making a brief reappearance just in time to celebrate the beloved drummer’s 57th birthday! WONDERFUL HOME -Thunder & Cold wind- is the title of the first mini-album to be released from Yagami Toll & Blue Sky. It will come with six new and original tracks composed by the group members. The release date falls exactly on Toll’s birthday, August 19. For this release, the line-up consists of Kenta Harada on vocals and guitar, KANAME on vocals and bass, Masato Yugi on guitar, and Yagami Toll on drums.

BUCK-TICK recently teased each track off of the upcoming album with a video from their Youtube channel.

YAGAMI TOLL & BLUE SKY 『WONDERFUL HOME -Thunder & Cold wind-』 トレーラー

According to the website’s album description, this release has a blues and punk sound to it. Both of these genres are major musical influences for Toll. The cover photo was taken in his hometown, Takasaki. With these details in mind, we can guess that Toll is sharing with us the spirit of his inspirations and his hometown. Good vibes flow from these tunes that are both mellow and upbeat.

This month also sees three live performances dedicated to celebrating Toll’s birthday. The first show will be held at Nagoya Apollo Base on August 10, followed by an additional performance at Shimokitazawa Garden on August 19. The concluding performance will take place at Umeda Shangri-La on August 24. These shows will feature guest performers and live-limited goods. The members of BUCK-TICK make sure to go all out when celebrating each other’s birthdays!

It’s impressive to see the BUCK-TICK members keeping up their individual musical talent with their solo projects. Are you interested in buying this album? Will any of you be attending the birthday lives? Feel free to share your thoughts with us!

WONDERFUL HOME -Thunder & Cold wind-

Regular edition


  1. WONDERFUL HOME -Thunder & Cold wind-
  3. SODA ROCK!!
  4. Fire Girl
  5. Oh!My God! (Thank you for Great Liar&Swindler)
  6. Blow Wind

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