Don’t mind the pun. Summer will be ending soon and SCANDAL has breezed in really casually to remind us how we’re wasting our youth if we’ve not had a summer romance this year, but also incredibly smart because we didn’t walk into a rollercoaster of a heartache.

Fuzzy is SCANDAL’s first digital release on their very own label “her” and it came out on July 7 on Spotify, iTunes and Apple Music. Have a watch of the video below—the guy has the cutest smile.

SCANDAL「Fuzzy」 - Music Video

As well as this, there will be a YouTube stream of their live performance at Red Bull Music Studios Tokyo on Friday, August 9, 2019, starting at 12 pm BST (1 pm CEST, 8 am EDT, 4 am PST), so make sure to go to that link now and press “Set reminder” bell to get notified when they go live!

More Info:
Official Website
Twitter (Haruna)
Twitter (Mami)
Twitter (Tomomi)
Twitter (Rina)

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