Imagine to be all alone and not feel lonely. To be lost on a remote island and reminisce about moments from your past. In BAND-MAID’s new song, lead singer Saiki laments, “You can’t relive the moment”. As days go by, enjoy how “life is beautiful”. Watching this video repeatedly, though, lets you relive the pleasure of this sing-along.

While the metal maids are known for creating a gap between their image and hard rock sound, endless Story is an easy, breezy ballad. The intensity of drum fills and power chords are present beneath the surface like a volcano. But restrained to give way for the lyrics and amplify the choral reprise.

BAND-MAID / endless Story (Official Music Video)

Under a wide-open sky, in muted colors on Oshima Volcano, the maids play their new tune. Scenes of them are interspersed with a young woman. She walks alone across the dark coals as if in a lucid dream, content to go in any direction on this blank slate. As listeners, too, can get lost in this simple melody.

The song erupts from the beginning with a repeating refrain of “whoa”. Begging you to join in the chorus. Imagine yourself singing in unison at a stadium or music hall. Which you may be able to do when their World Domination tour comes to America in September. And new tour dates in Japan later this year that culminates with an album release in December.

The song debuted at their May 10 Maid’s Day concert and they have been playing it on tour since then. Guitarist Kanami, who composed it, said they wanted a song fans could sing with them. The music video was published August 7, fans and others are speaking up with mostly positive comments. One said there is “so much emotion” on display. Many are loving the experiment with a new diverse sound. And most agree that this falls somewhere between previous power ballad Daydreaming and pop flavor start over to the more typical hard rock tunes glory and Bubble.

BAND-MAID endless Story Kanami at Oshima

Listen to this and let a strong presence in your heart bloom

From new listeners to longtime fans, BAND-MAID wants everyone, alone or together, to see, feel, and sing endless Story. It’s another step on their journey of World Domination. Kanami on twitter announcing the video also says, “may it resonate with the hearts of many people”.

endless Story


  1. endless Story

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