Another favorable announcement for European visual kei fans as GANSHIN Record’s artist roster grows, yet again, with the addition of LANATAN. Release details have also been confirmed with the European release of LANTANA’s mini-albums PARADIGM OUT and INSIDE OF ABYSS, and singles THE ROOTS and -LIBERATE- set for a rapid arrival on September 4. Check out all the releases below to see what’s coming your way!

Here’s the preview for their most recent release PARADIGM OUT—their third mini-album that came out in June this year.

Have a listen to the preview of their second mini-album INSIDE OF ABYSS.

If you liked that, keep going and listen to the preview of their second single THE ROOTS which originally came out in May 2017 and the first single -LIBERATE- that was released in August 2016 in Japan.

What do you think of LANTANA? Are you excited to see what’s to come from this signing? Let us know in the comments below.

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