DIMLIM is now down to three members with the departure of guitarist Ryuya and bassist Taishi. The band’s TSUTAYA O-WEST ‘CHEDOARA’ one-man performance on August 17 assured that the members got a well-deserved send-off, and in turn, left fans with brilliant news which reassured that DIMLIM still have a future ahead of them!

It’s here they announced that their next one-man will take place at Aoyama RizM on September 20, and not only that, but we can also expect the release of their second full-length album in December of this year!

This has led to the reveal of their classy new artist photos of the three-piece all suited and booted along with an announcement video—all of which you can see below. In the meantime, check out their previews for live-limited released Kidoairaku and of course, please look forward to more DIMLIM in the near future!

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Twitter (Retsu) (烈)
Twitter (Hiroshi) (鴻志)
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Instagram (Retsu) (烈)
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