Arlequin not only hit us with the revelation that is their artist photos for upcoming single ANIMA, out on August 21, but they also released previews of the three songs set to feature on it and announced the establishment of a record label of the same name!

Fast forward a few weeks later and Arlequin has now uploaded the magical and airy music video for track Ikione.

It’s here that the band return to performing amongst the foliage and trees, similar to that of their music video for BLESS, the only exception being that the surrounding area is covered in lights as they perform the heartfelt ballad. Their performance is interspersed with scenes of a couple holding hands and walking through a sea of flowers and on a beach.

The band recently made a major update to their website with a clear version of their artist photos. Now you can get a very good look at their costumes for this single as they were previously obscured by a shadow!

Arlequin light up the trees and ground in “Ikione” artist photo


Regular edition


  1. Ikinone (息の根)
  3. Ryuuseigun (流星群)

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Limited edition


  1. Ikinone (息の根)
  3. Ryuuseigun (流星群)
  4. Alive -Acoustic ver.-


  1. Ikinone Music Video, Off-Shot and song commentary interview

Buy at CDJapanHMV or Amazon

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