Barely a month has passed since the release of [Alexandros]’s single Tsukiiro Horizon, and with it’s soaring success of gaining a number one spot in Japan, the members possibly feel that it’s time to kick back and relax with a re-imagined “Chill Out Version” of the single. With the digital single already available to purchase and stream, you can now enjoy some laid back tunes to nurse you through the summer heat fatigue straight away.

[Alexandros] make way for the chill-out vibes by gearing the song away from the heavy use of riffing electric guitars, and instead, put a metronomic, soft, tropical electronic beat in there place. Even the tone of Yoohei’s vocals have become gentler, yet still, soar high when the soft musical build-up reaches the explosive and energetic chorus.

Tsukiiro Horizon (Chill Out Version)

Digital Only


  1. Tsukiiro Horizon (Chill Out Version)

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