Guitarist Uruha from the GazettE was recently featured on Digimart where he promoted the guitar multi-effect processor, Helix Floor, a product by the reputable company Line 6. The coverage was a part of a Line 6 series where various musicians talked about their experience and appreciation for the company’s products. Besides Uruha, among these featured artists we find BABYMETAL’s guitarist ISAO, BEAT CRUSADERS’ guitarist Taro Kato, and many more.

Uruha adjusting the settings on Line 6’s Helix Floor. Photos via digimart.

In the article, Uruha is dressed in a classy black outfit while sporting dark shades and silver accessories. He explains how Helix Floor has helped him simplify the band’s setup on stage by allowing all the effect processing to happen on the device, instead of having to prepare multiple amps and speakers for different effects that were connected into one single computer, which ran the risk of freezing it.

He then continues by talking about the software Helix Native that offers sound and effect crafting, to bring those presets into the physical product Helix Floor:

When I discovered Line 6’s Helix Native, I was impressed by the quality in sound it produced, but also by its variety. Compared to regular software on computers that allows for mixing and matching sound and effects, Helix Native is not only able to compete with that, but also adapt to the type of songs we produce today. All these features made me realize the true strength of Helix Floor which I’ve been using for a year now.

Uruha continues by explaining that one of the reasons he started using the Helix Floor was because of overseas performances. Since the amount of gear they’re able to bring abroad is very limited compared to Japanese gigs, having Helix Floor helped reduce the amount of equipment while at the same time, produce top-notch sound. Additionally, it added a big layer of convenience and sense of security, in turn, allowing Uruha to focus on what he’s best at, playing guitar!

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