The run-up to UNiTE.’s double A-side single Citrus / Eyes_Tea_Bitter_Brown released on July 10 saw the reveal of their summery music video for Citrus.

The band didn’t stop there however as they followed it up with the music video for the dark, playful and funky Eyes_Tea_Bitter_Brown!

Instead of stepping foot into the great outdoors as previously illustrated in Citrus, the band are now in a studio with a white backdrop and are put under a spotlight as if they were suspected of wrongdoings.

Despite its sound, the visuals are quite sensual as it features a naked girl sitting down with her eyes hidden and a gas mask on, grabbing hold of a teddy bear covered in a red ribbon.

The lyrics vocalist Yui sings come across as hedonistic and looks mischevious as he’s accompanied by a puppet, guitarist Shiina Mio can be seen licking a lolly as he looks through a camera lens, LiN spells out the word “love” on a screen in pink paint only to wipe it out, Haku gets shot in the head, and drummer Sana plays around with a doll.

Let’s not forget their artist photos for this song either as they don clothing reminiscent of the victoria era but using steampunk motifs. They may have also drawn inspiration from the stereotype of what a detective may have looked like back then, possibly taking notes from Sherlock Holmes novels and images.

Citrus / Eyes_Tea_Bitter_Brown

Type M


  1. Citrus (シトラス)
  2. Usotsuki no Playlist (嘘つきのプレイリスト)
  3. Eyes_Tea_Bitter_Brown
  4. Citrus (シトラス (off vo.))
  5. Usotsuki no Playlist (嘘つきのプレイリスト (off vo.))

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Type L


  1. Eyes_Tea_Bitter_Brown
  2. Jasmine (ジャスミン)
  3. Citrus (シトラス)
  4. Eyes_Tea_Bitter_Brown (off vo.)
  5. Jasmine (off vo.) (ジャスミン (off vo.))

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