2019 has ACME rocking more than ever as they bring their music overseas! Following a performance at A-Kon in Texas in late June, the band made their next stop for Long Beach, located in the state of California. ACME’s second US performance was to take place at the Toxic Toast Theater on the cool evening of July 2.

As fans gathered into the venue, the stage was immediately in sight to the right of the entryway. Purple and lime-green lights hovered over the modest-sized stage. Meanwhile, the back of the theater across from the stage held a merchandise center carrying stickers, CDs, t-shirts, and other goods. There was a paper on the merchandise table notifying that purchases totaling $20 or more would grant fans a raffle ticket to win extra goods following the band’s performance.

At around 20:30, the venue went dark and flashed lights of varying purple hues, welcoming the opening act of the night. Electronic-music producer RAIF dazzled fans with dynamic synths and hard-hitting beats to pump up the audience for ACME’s performance. When his performance ended, RAIF thanked the crowd and began chanting for ACME as he exited the stage. The audience chanted louder in response with increased anticipation for the main show.


Moments later, the stage lights gleamed with electrifying frequency, backed by heavy electronic instrumentals. The members of ACME made their way onto the stage one by one shortly after. Bassist Rikito and drummer Hal smiled and waved to their cheerful fans as they moved to their instruments. Guitarist Shogo and vocalist Chisa trailed behind, completing the lineup. With beaming excitement, Chisa shouted for the crowd to be ready to rock out. The audience continued cheering, and the band kicked off their show with Maguro Kaitai Chainsaw (マグロ解体チェーンソ).

The small size of the venue allowed for ACME to closely connect with their fans. The atmosphere grew hot just a few songs into the show due to the energy shared between the band and the audience. Following Last One Show (ラストワンショ), Chisa took the time to speak with the fans and kept the crowd hyped up for the next set of songs. The band resumed their show with Mononoke Requiem (モノノケレクイエム). This song was such a blast, it’s as if it were composed just to be enjoyed to the fullest at concerts. Clothed in silky white outfits, the band’s gentle appearance was contrasted by lively riffs, intense breakdowns, and impressive growls from Chisa. While Mononoke Requiem was unavailable for purchase at the time, the fans already knew when to sing along, thanks to the music video on their official Youtube channel.

At one point during the show, Chisa motioned for the crowd to divide themselves into two groups. Space was left in the middle of the venue, and Chisa clapped his hands together, signaling for the fans to start a mosh pit. At this gesture, several fans ran to that space to fulfill the vocalist’s request. It was a sight to see the audience dancing so wildly. It exemplified ACME’s experience of gifting their fans entertaining performances.

ACME made sure to throw in several slower-paced songs as well, such as Paradox. Even then, the ballad-like tune included more growling from Chisa, followed by a mesmerizing guitar solo from Shogo. Two songs later, Chisa exited backstage for a break, allowing the rest of the band to partake in a short instrumental session. Each member had a moment to show off their talent. Rikito teasingly stuck his tongue out at fans during his bass solo, while Hal showered the crowd with sweet smiles as he eagerly slammed his drums. Shogo was calmer compared to the other two, but he still smiled with delight and even looked flustered when fans cheered on for him and the other members.

Chisa returned to the group afterward, ready to perform one last set of songs. The band played Gekiyami Serenade (激ヤミセレナーデ), fan-favorite ROTTEN ORANGE, and concluded their show with Tebanashi Rider (テバナシライダー). Before the band parted with their fans, Chisa spoke once more to the crowd, thanking them for coming to ACME’s show. He walked back and forth across the stage to take a hold of the fans’ hands before he left the stage with the other members following behind.

The concert had fans feeling joyful, yet yearning for more songs. They chanted for an encore, to which the band re-entered the stage just a few minutes later. The encore began with Zesshou Ouka (絶唱謳歌). The crowd jumped and waved their arms enthusiastically as they sang along with Chisa. As the song ended, ACME treated the audience to one more song, SENKOU. The vibrant spirit of the tune was the perfect conclusion for an enthralling show that left fans drenched in sweat. Before exiting the stage, the band made sure to snap pictures with their awestruck audience. The crowd gave their loudest cheers and thanks as they watched the members leave backstage to take a break and prepare for the raffle event.

Several minutes passed until a staff member walked on stage to hype up the fans, as well as, to provide translations for the band members. The group made their way back on stage shortly after. With them, they brought out a bag and the items that would be given away during the raffle: signed setlists, guitar picks, drum sticks, and a drum head signed by Hal. Rikito took the role of reading out loud the last four digits of the numbers printed on the tickets. As Shogo ruffled through the bag of tickets, Hal would tap on the stage with his drumsticks. The fans responded with giggles and added onto the excitement as they also drummed their hands on the stage. Memorable moments consisted of Shogo calling a fan a “super guitarist” after winning a guitar pick, whereas, Hal told a fan who won a drum stick that from that moment on they were now a drummer. Chisa handed out the signed setlists and shook hands with the winners.

The last event of the night was the VIP experience. Fans chatted with one another as they patiently waited in line to take pictures with ACME and have their merchandise signed. Nearly half an hour passed until the band members appeared to interact with their fans once more. One by one, fans had their pictures taken and items signed. Thanks were exchanged between them, the band, and staff that helped make this event possible. They left the venue with smiles of joy, and hopes for the group to return with more intense songs to rock out to.

Overall, ACME delivered an incredibly delightful and unforgettable performance. This band is one to look out for, for they have an abundance of fun tunes that are ten times more enjoyable when played at a live show!

Chisa commemorates the night with a selfie: “Thank you Long Beach!!! Thanks Toxic Toast Theatre!!!”


  1. Maguro Kaitai Chainsaw (マグロ解体チェーンソ)
  2. Trick x Trap
  3. CryWolf
  4.  Last One Show (ラストワンショ)
    • MC
  5. Mononoke Requiem (モノノケレクイエム)
  6. Houkago no Shiiku (放課後の飼育)
  7. Paradox
  8. Bari Zougen (罵詈雑言)
    • Session
  10. Gekiyami Serenade (激ヤミセレナーデ)
  12. Tebanashi Rider (テバナシライダー)
    • Short MC
  13. Zesshou Ouka (絶唱謳歌)
  14. SENKOU

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